Solena Group is a development stage renewable energy and sustainable jet and diesel fuel production platform company. The company uses proprietary high temperature plasma gasification technology designed to convert inexpensive and plentiful resources, such as household and industrial waste, into a synthetic gas which will subsequently be converted into sustainable jet and/or diesel fuel using third party equipment designed into an integrated solution.

Environmental benefits:
Solena's plasma gasification technology is:

  • Fuel flexible offering high availability of base load power
  • Energy self-sufficient, consuming less than ¼ of the energy it produces
  • Provides lower O&M costs than other "clean" renewable energy processes
  • Produces zero CO2 emissions, no toxic fumes, no heavy metals or hazardous ashes
  • Highly efficient, producing four time more energy than standard combustion technology.

Click below to see the Solena Technology process diagram

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