Paving the way to cleaner air

Our Mission: Solena is committed to combating climate change by promoting renewable bio-energy and sustainable fuels to replace fossil fuel.

Solena is a full-service energy producing company, which uses its own patented plasma technology to convert all forms of biomass into clean renewable energy. Solena's systems convert virtually any type of organic materials, including waste, into energy. Solena uses patented plasma technology to license efficient, biomass-to-energy plants around the world producing zero emissions.

Solena's staff of experts offers a complete package of services from project development to finance. The company provides and arranges for all technical services with engineering studies, environmental impact assessment, construction, installation, operation and management.

Project Development:

* Project concept
* Site evaluation and purchase or lease
* Negotiations for waste feed supply with waste collectors and waste producers
* Negotiations with utility or power companies for the purchase of waste generated electric power
* Permit applications

Technical services:

* Engineering studies
* Environmental impact assessment
* Custom design waste plasma system to fit waste feed profile (composition, quantity, moisture, etc.)
* Outsourcing and providing for local services or equipment if necessary or required in certain countries
* Construction
* Installation
* Set up and testing
* Training
* Operation and management (under separate contract)


* Economic feasibility study
* Equity sourcing and /or funding
* Funding syndication
* Recourse financing
* Non-recourse project financing