Solena Group

A bioenergy platform company utilizing proprietary technology
to produce energy with zero emissions.

Renewable. Reliable. Revolutionary.

Leading the Way in Green Energy

Solena Group also known as ("Solena") is a next generation zero emission bioenergy company that has developed integrated end-to-end solutions that would help satisfy the world's growing energy demands while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and high expense normally associated with the usage of fossil fuel-based energy. Solena's suite of integrated solutions includes patented plasma gasification technology that is Six Sigma optimized after more than fifteen years of development, an integrated plasma gasification combined cycle process, and third party FT process equipment .

The core of Solena's solutions is its patented Solena's Plasma Gasification Vitrification ('SPGV') technology which is capable of producing a synthetic fuel gas ("BioSynGas") from the thermal conversion of bio-based hydrocarbons with the highest energy conversion efficiencies in the industry. Solena's SPGV-produced BioSynGas can be used as a natural gas replacement to power combustion gas turbines (CGT) for power production ("biopower") or catalytically converted into synthetic liquid biofuels, such as biodiesel or biojetfuel.

Solena adresses two significantly underscored energy problems: the need for (i) for baseload renewable energy sources; and (ii) carbon harvesting solutions. Through its highly efficient, thermal conversion technology and ability to gasify household and industrial waste into a synthetic gas, Solena addresses these issues. Solena works in close collaboration with leading industry participants as strategic partners to help develop various projects promoting the Company's design and systems expertise and the sale of its proprietary equipment and services. Dr. Robert T. Do, M.D., founded Solena in 2001 and brought more than a decade of gasification experience to Solena and its affiliated companies.

Solena is domiciled in the United States of America and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Company maintains representative offices in: France, Czech Republic; Italy, Malaysia and Puerto Rico

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